Right Lower Quadrant Pain

Right Lower Quadrant PainRight Lower Quadrant Pain
: What can make a person realize that he is suffering from right lower quadrant pain? The thing is, the right lower quadrant pain turns out to be one of the quite serious pains inside the body of a person, and it also turns out that it is a case with the acute abdomen.

The abdomen of the body is divided into four broad parts: right upper quadrant, right lower, left upper and left lower quadrant. In any of these quadrants, if a pain occurs in the body, then it is assumed that it is related to the organs lying in that particular area. This can usually combine with some of the other factors such as vomiting, fever or diarrhea can be quite fundamental in establishing the cause of pain within the body parts. Let us take a comprehensive look at the various causes due to which the right lower quadrant of the body starts to pain.

  • Appendicitis: It is one of the many reasons that are found mostly in the people whose right lower quadrant starts to pain. In this situation, the appendix in the body that is a small and a tubular structure in the body that bulges out in the right intestine in the lower right quadrant. So, surgical interference is quite helpful in the prevention of rupturing of the appendix that in turn results to peritonitis that is actually an infection in the abdominal cavity.
  • Intestinal Obstruction: One of the major causes for the pain in the right quadrant to appear. Quite generally, the obstruction appears when something comes in between the flow of contents within the body. It can be present like a foreign body inside, it might also be the presence of an ingested toy, it might be the swollen lymph node, or from adhesions as well that are the thick bands of tissues that can be tend to happen because of a surgery in a particular area.
  • Kidney Stones: The kidney stones can also cause a genuine like problem in the right lower part of the quadrant, and the most common example of the same is the kidney stones. The movement of the kidney stones can happen in the uterus, which is the long form of tube that actually connects the kidney to the bladder. Also, the uterus passes through the lower right part of the body; hence their passage through the right lower part of the body also can cause the presence of pain in the same quadrant.
  • Ovarian Cysts: They are also a major cause in the paining of the body’s lower right quadrant, and this is because of the positioning of the ovaries in the body. Ovarian Cysts actually are one of the fluid filled pockets of tissues that usually start to grow within inside of the ovary and hence, when the ovarian cysts within the body start to rupture, it will be seen that the right lower quadrant of the body will be harmed and a subtle pain will rise.

Lower Right Quadrant Pain

Lower Right Quadrant Pain

Medical purposes saw division of the abdomen in four different parts: right upper, right lower, left upper and left lower. If Pain rises in any of these quadrants, it means that the problem lies within an organ that is close to these areas. The Right Lower Quadrant Pain can turn up due to many different causes, and in combination to many different symptoms, it turns out that lower right quadrant pain can have a lot of causes. Let us take a look at these possible causes and study them closely:

  • Appendicitis: It is one of the causes that can turn out to cause a pain in the right lower quadrant. This is a case where the appendix: a small, tubular structure in the body that protrudes from the small intestine to the right lower quadrant, directly inflames and due to its abrupt change in the size, it turns out that it is the most surgical condition around the abdomen, and hence, the right lower quadrant to pain is almost inevitable. Before Peritonitis takes place, which is a condition where the appendix of the body ruptures, it is almost imminent that a surgical interference is needed to be carried out.
  • Intestinal Obstruction: It is a case where in a particular obstacle or an object comes in between the normal intestinal contents and it leads to the improper or abject inflammation of the intestinal area. Some common examples that can be causing the intestine to be obstructed includes: an injested toy, inflammation from in or around the intestine, a swollen lymph node such as lymphoma, or also from adhesions, that actually turn out to be thick bands of tissue and they turn out due to a surgery in the related area. Diverticulitis is one of the rather important factors for the potential cause of obstruction to take place and an inflammation or an abnormal sort of pouching of the intestine wall.
  • Kidney Stones: They are not the things that occur in the abdomen still the kidney problems can cause a lot to pain in the lower right quadrant. The stones that happen in the kidney can also pass through the uterus, that turns out to be a long tube that connects the kidney to the bladder. This tube passes into the right lower quadrant, and hence, stone passing through this area causes a pain in the lower right quadrant.
  • Ovarian cysts: The ovaries are situated in an area to hurt the lower right quadrant. Whenever the ovaries rupture, it means that a significant pain takes place in the lower right quadrant. The ovaries do turn out to be benign, however, the pain does turn out to be excruciating and medical attention is needed to be taken out here.

These turn out to be some of the major causes that can cause a pain in the right lower quadrant of the body and hence, it turns out that the presence of some strong medical attention is needed to be guaranteed in any of these cases.